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Derek Laser Technology, China

Cost To Use

$10/hr of cutting time

Donation box next to device

Contact Area Captain for details.


  • Restricted to Members Only
  • You MUST BE TRAINED before using it alone. Ask for help from those who have been trained, and contact the Area Captain to set up an appointment for your training.

Settings and tutorial on using it.


  • Laser power: 150W, as claimed by factory.
  • Laser type: Hermetic CO2 glass tube F6
  • Working area: 1300mm X 900mm (Approx. 51“ x 35.4”)
  • Data transfer interface: USB and wifi
  • Cooling: Water Chiller cw3000
  • Firmware: Rworks v8
  • Controller: Ruida 6442S
  • Machine dimensions: enormous
  • Net Weight: too much

Materials Information

Current Status



Purchased by TAC/Rockford MakerSpace


  • 05/12/17 - Arrived at Makerspace
  • 08/11/17 - Ready to Use
  • 09/20/17 - Fuse blew.
  • 09/25/17 - Fuse(s) arrived.
  • 09/27/17 - Fuse holder arrived. Power socket damaged by heat. New power socket on order.
  • 10/07/17 - Repaired and working again.
  • 10/09/17 - Fuse blew again during use. Replaced fuse, machine operational again.